Award winning dog trainer Mark Peters is from the United Kingdom and has lived and worked in Hong Kong for over 18 years. Many of you will know him from his previous professional pet care company ‘Wish You Were Here’, which he established in 2003. Mark has returned from a year of traveling across Canada and is once again bringing his years of knowledge and expertise to help the dogs of Hong Kong. Now focusing his time on obedience and behavioural training, Mark works with your dog, and more importantly with you and your family, to establish natural pack leadership. We all want our dogs to be well behaved, to run and have fun, and to socialise with other dogs. It’s up to us to teach them these skills.

From welcoming home your new puppy to teaching an old dog new tricks; obedience training to behavioural issues, Mark’s training is designed to help you and your dog live together in perfect harmony. Employing a compassionate and positive approach to canine communication, Mark is here to teach your dog how to be a responsible, well behaved and contented pack member. Whether you have a destructive puppy chewing the sofa, an energetic dog walking you down the road, a suddenly “deaf” dog that just won’t come back, or a dog that is nervous of it’s own shadow, Mark can help. His skills and knowledge have greatly helped dogs with more serious issues too; separation anxiety, dominance, possessive and fear aggression, toilet training and anti social behaviour. Positive training and communication can also be especially beneficial for dogs that are shy and lacking in confidence, and for those who have just swapped the rescue shelter for their new loving home and need a little help adjusting to their adopted family. Mark’s mutts have all come from Hong Kong Dog Rescue (thank you Sally!) and are happy to help with your dogs training too. Whatever your doggie issues, whatever your training needs, a happy dog = a happy dog owner.

It’s time for your dog to follow the leader.




Dog training is all about canine communication. Our dogs are constantly “talking” to us in their own doggie way, through their behaviour and body language. A lot of the time we are unintentionally responding and sending them signals without even realising it. Dog training is simply about being aware of how we are communicating with our dogs. It’s up to us to hear and read what they are saying and communicate back to them in a way they can understand. Lets make it easy for them, and talk in their language. Of course, we use human words too, to teach our dogs commands and tricks for control and safety. But if we also learn how to correctly use our eye contact, body position, tone of voice, with positive praise and encouragement, we can become the natural pack leader! Our dogs will look to us for guidance and to follow our lead, and by establishing good leadership we can handle all the decisions and responsibilities of the pack. We will earn our dogs respect and build a strong healthy relationship based on trust. A dog that has a confident pack leader can be a relaxed and playful pack member.

All we have to do is learn to talk “dog”.

One hour lessons are $700, one on one, and held in your dogs home environment.

10% discount for HKDR dogs!